Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group, formerly known as Sen Tai Thu Health Care Center – Central Institute of Acupuncture, is the first unit in the Vietnamese market, providing health care services by therapeutic methods. disease without drugs, distilled from the quintessence of Vietnamese medicine.



30 Years Of Traditonal Therapy

Cultivating the wish of our founder, Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group today has been condensed in the light-filled energy building of the vitality of the earth and the sky, of herbs from the mountains, the countryside, the rivers and streams.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam will bring you the most valuable time in life: care, maintenance, recovery and vitality.To relieve the hardships and sorrows that we have strained ourselves to strive for a living, because of the chaos and destruction of the environment.

With the desire and potential, Sen Tai Thu once again used all her strength, rose up, and met the essential needs for human health.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group has gathered an adept mind, advanced equipment, and wonderful therapies that Vietnam has never had such as: Healing by eating, drinking, breathing with space. walking, by the sky, clouds, wind, water, by the feeling of music, by paintings with profound concepts of mental health.

Coming to Sen Tai Thu, you will bring home a solid body, a vivacious spirit by layers of marinated herbal aftertaste that has been condensed in every cell, tendon, like a magic hand prevents the limit of time, age and environment.

Sen Tai Thu Vietnam would like to wish you peace, prosperity, revitalization and enjoy the perfect beauty and supernatural power of the universe and heaven that Sen Tai Thu Vietnam Group has indulge in.

We sincerely thank you !